Sunday, 20 February 2011

Post #1 - ManBearPig is REAL!

Welcome to my official blog! Who am I? I cannot say... what do I do... That one is easy. Although there is much evil in the world and many worthwhile causes to devote one's time too, I have chosen to devote myself to raising awareness about one cause, and only ONE. Im talking about the BIGGEST threat this planet has ever known. I speak of course.... of ManBearPig. As many of you know, ManBearPig stands 8 feet tall. He fears nothing, and if encountered leaves no-one left alive. I know many of you are asking themselves, "But what can I do to help stop ManBearPig? Im only 1 person" Have no fear citizen! Helping us raise ManBearPig awareness is the best way we get the word out and finally catch this son-of-a-bitch!! Too many have fallen to him, and many more will!!

Help me by following my blog, and spreading this picture around and making sure people are keeping themselves on high alert at all times. ManBearPig is very good at disguises, and can strike on a moments notice. Smallmbp
Im off to raise ManBearPig Awrareness! I will be back soon to post pictures and reports of my efforts!

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