Friday, 13 May 2011

Post #10 - OFFICIAL Video from Toronto Rally

Hello Citizens! This is my historic 10th post, and what better way to celebrate that to release my personal video from the VERY successful ManBearPig rally in Toronto, Canada. We had over 20 000, attend, making it the BIGGEST ManBearPig Rally EVER! Im totally serial! The video is only 2 mins long, and I ask that everyone comment, follow and pass along this blog so we can continue to spread MBP awareness across the globe!

Twitter: @StopMBP
Please E-mail any pictures/fan art

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Post #9 - Media Coverage of Toronto MBP Rally


Hello Citizens! Its been 3 days since the Toronto ManBearPig Rally, and news coverage is starting to spread! Check out these videos from the Rally! Thanks for watching, more will be up shortly!

If anyone attended the rally, please send your report/pictures/video to

From: CreatingAccessNews ** Best Video **

Found this on the web, thanks for whomever designed it! Photobucket
From: Aviko


Here are some stills from the upcoming video about the rally! Enjoy
Photobucket Check back soon for more!
If anyone attended the rally, please send your report/pictures/video to

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Post #8 - 2011 MBP Rally SUCCESS!

Greetings Citizens! As many of you know, todays MBP rally was a great success!! Media from todays event will be up within the next couple days

If anyone attended the rally, please send your report/pictures/video to

Twitter: @StopMBP May 7 photo
Thanks again!
- Masked Avenger

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Post #7 - MBP Rally on May 7

Click for Countdown To MBP Rally

**Play Video Below**

Greetings Citizens! The world LARGEST ManBearPig Rally is just around the corner!!

When: May 7, 2011
Where: Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario
This year, we are expecting THOUSANDS of people so some to QUEENS PARK on May 7, 2011 and us raise ManBearPig Awareness!

I look forward to seeing you there! Please come introduce yourself.

- Captain Canada (aka Masked Avenger)

Send Questions, Comments or Pictures to

Monday, 21 March 2011

Post #6 - Raising MBP Awareness in Ottawa, Canada

Greetings Citizens! I have just returned from my Raising MBP Awareness Mission to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Check out this short video with highlights from my mission

Screen shot 2011 03 21 at 8 14 09 PM

What do you think of the new look? My next stop will be Toronto, Ontario.

Please Follow my blog, & follow me on Twitter @Stop MBP!

- Captain Canada (aka Masked Avenger)

Send Questions, Comments or Pictures to

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Post #5 - New Fan Art

Greetings fellow ManBearPig Hunters! This Fan Art comes from "BoobonChron", one of our most loyal followers. His efforts are a testament to the power we all have inside of us to raise ManBearPig Awareness. "BoobonChron" went above and beyond, and is truly an inspiration to us all.

On behalf of planet Earth, THANK YOU "BoobonChron", you're super awesome!!
Mbp bizcard2 Please send any Fan Art, Pictures, Comments, Questions to

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Post #4 - ManBearPig Rally Pictures 2

Hey Everyone, more pictures just came in from the ManBearPig Awareness Rally!! Picture of the Crowd
IMG00258 20100501 1355

Marc Emory (Prince of Pot) being educated on ManBearPig
IMG00267 20100501 1442

Weird Toronto Guy
IMG00272 20100501 1451

User Submitted Photo
IMG00263 20100501 1436

Help spread MBP awareness! More to come!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Post #3 - First Video from Rally

Thanks to an anonymous user who linked me to this video from the ManbearPig Awareness rally.

If anyone else has video/pictures, please send them.

Post #2 - Rally Pictures

The ManBearPig rally went really well! I got the chance to educate many in Toronto, Ontario about ManBearPig and the imminent threat he poses to all of humanity. The "Main-Stream" Media knows how dangerous ManBearPig is, and have chosen not to report on it to the pubic, as it would likely cause a GLOBAL panic. Mbp


If anyone reading this saw me today at the rally and took pictures, please post them online! The more people we have behind us the better the chance we have eventually catching ManBearPig! This day was a successful one, but there is a long long road ahead. I will continue to fight the good fight. More ManBearPig awareness rally's are currently being planned, and I will keep you updated.

Post #1 - ManBearPig is REAL!

Welcome to my official blog! Who am I? I cannot say... what do I do... That one is easy. Although there is much evil in the world and many worthwhile causes to devote one's time too, I have chosen to devote myself to raising awareness about one cause, and only ONE. Im talking about the BIGGEST threat this planet has ever known. I speak of course.... of ManBearPig. As many of you know, ManBearPig stands 8 feet tall. He fears nothing, and if encountered leaves no-one left alive. I know many of you are asking themselves, "But what can I do to help stop ManBearPig? Im only 1 person" Have no fear citizen! Helping us raise ManBearPig awareness is the best way we get the word out and finally catch this son-of-a-bitch!! Too many have fallen to him, and many more will!!

Help me by following my blog, and spreading this picture around and making sure people are keeping themselves on high alert at all times. ManBearPig is very good at disguises, and can strike on a moments notice. Smallmbp
Im off to raise ManBearPig Awrareness! I will be back soon to post pictures and reports of my efforts!